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2024 Calendars printing in Harare

2024 Calendars printing in Harare by the best!!!For year-round brand promotion and advertising success, use custom printed calendars. Important dates, the month, and the year are shown on branded calendars. The word “calendae,” which in ancient Rome was used to announce the new moon, is the source of the word calendar. Offices, schools, retail establishments, gyms, malls, and other places where calendars are useful are ideal locations for branded calendars. The most common calendar styles are desk and wall calendars, which come in a wide variety of standard or custom designs to meet your specific needs. Promotional desk and wall calendars are ideal for assisting individuals in making advance plans, including scheduling meetings, performances, events, and much more.

Calendars by Express Media Harare

With more than a decade of experience in the design, publication, and printing of promotional calendars, Express Media Harare is happy to provide its services. Our wide selection of beautiful advertising calendars ensures your brand remains in front of your clients all year long and is one of the most cost-effective kinds of advertising. They also serve as a platform for your business promotion.

Impressive range

Our selection of 2024 calendars offers magnificent titles and formats for every taste and price range, whether you’re searching for fashionable, branded desktop calendars or eye-catching, eye-catching promotional wall calendars. Please contact our team to get more information about our assortment of fascinating 2024 promotional advertising calendars.

A calendar makes a very effective promotional item which continues to convey your message for the next 12 months. Our calendars come in different sizes and different prices to suit your tastes and budget. Our range includes:

A4 wall calendars

A3 wall calendars

A2 wall calendars

Desk calendars

Desk planners

Tent calendars

We also do bespoke calendars to your specifications.

Your consumers will be reminded of your business all year long with the help of promotional calendars! Whether you choose a customized desk calendar, a branded wall calendar, or a calenderpod, a branded calendar will give you the freedom to get creative and distinguish your business. Make sure your company is constantly on your clients’ minds by partnering with a promotional diary.


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