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Branded diaries suppliers in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are the leading 2024 diaries suppliers in Harare, Zimbabwe. Branded diaries are our business. Branded diaries are the ultimate way to wish them well for a prosperous year. We’re here to help you deliver that message beautifully.

Position your brand front and centre in the year, keeping it top of mind each and every day with top quality branded diaries for your team, clients and customers. From diaries and planners, simply choose your favourite and let us custom-print your order with your company logo and design. Your 2024 customised branded diaries are only a call away. As your diary suppliers in Harare, we will never disappoint.

No matter your budget or vision, we have a huge range of diaries in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from and custom-brand – keeping your business top of mind in the year. Let your colleagues or customers plan their day-to-day in style with your brand by their side. With endless diary formats and layouts to choose from, we’ve got your back.

Branded corporate diaries are also the ultimate way to wish them well for a prosperous year. Without any doubt, we’re here to help you deliver that message beautifully.

Our options for branding diaries include screen printing (which is the most affordable and most common choice), debossing, embossing, foiling and doming. You are welcome to engage our team to establish what is the best option for you. Whatever your choice, our team is committed to give you the best finish and produce branded diaries you can be proud of. Our branded diaries make you and your customers feel proud to be associated with your brand.

Most of all, as branded diaries suppliers of note in Harare, Zimbabwe, you can always count on our team to help you in making the best choice for branding your diaries.

Plain diaries suppliers

We also supply plain/unbranded diaries for those who wish to do their own branding or who just want plain diaries. As suppliers of diaries of the best quality in Harare, we make sure your get the right quality, right colour and right quantity delivered on time. With our delivery service, you can order and have your diaries delivered where you are in Zimbabwe.

Corporate Diaries delivered from a Zimbabwean Diary Supplier

Corporate Diaries are an ever popular promotional idea – marrying function and promotional marketing! Your clients will thank-you for a high quality diary to help keep them organised and on point. Each day they will see your logo subtly reinforcing your message, creating a perception of classic quality – a classic win-win situation. We are expanding our range over the next few months!

Company Diary Value

At Express Media Zimbabwe we have a focus on providing Zimbabwe’s best value Promotional Products – Company Diaries included.

Diary Value

Our Corporate Diary range is chosen carefully to deliver you Zimbabwe’s best value. Crafted from top quality materials to ensure perfection, these diaries can be delivered to you country-wide today from Nyamapanda to Victoria Falls and everything in between.


We select only quality Corporate Diary options. It is our belief that a promotional item is most effective when used over a longer period of time. As such a quality item that last longer gives the client far better value for money and promotional impact.

Lower Costs

We are always comparing our sell costs for Customised Company Diaries against our leading competitors. If required we will lower our prices to better theirs, so please make sure you call us and ask what we can do!

Customer Service

From your first email or call to Express Media Zimbabwe it is our aim to make your purchase of Corporate Diaries straightforward. We will assist with product selection and artwork right through to delivery. We look forward to assisting you further – please call us on 0782 940 110 at anytime.

Plain diaries

Company diary value


Executive two tone half moon diary

Square stitched inspirational diary

Straight stitched inspirational diary




Pocket diaries


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