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Branded Pens

Branded pens

Branded pens are good as promotional items as they are carried around everywhere and in use the whole day. Our pen branding service is broad with a number of different pen types  and different types of branding. We use either screen printing to brand pens in one colour and heat press technology to brand pens in full colour.


Our branded pens are of the highest quality and will write with efficiency and reliability. The pens are also refillable such that someone can keep their pen for years and tears. Imagine this. When someone is filling out forms in the bank your brand gets noticed, when signing for a delivery your brand gets noticed, in fact when someone has to write something somewhere its time for your brand to reach prominence. So the branded pen can take your brand places.

It is also common knowledge that school children and students in institutes of higher learning are proud of their institutions and a branded pen would be a very welcome accessory to have. Even in companies, employees would like to go around with items which show their association with their company.

Our branded pens showcase your company effectively and for a long time.

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