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Branded Work Suits

Branded work suits

Branded work suits are a smart way to benefit from the provision of protective clothing for your team. The law says that you should provide your employees with protective clothing. Much as that sound like an extra expense to you we are there to make you  benefit from this apparent expense. Branded work-suits not only fulfill your legal obligation but they go on to improve the visibility of your business.

Branded work suits manufacturers

We tailor, brand and supply the best quality branded work suits in Zimbabwe. Our customised work suits are not only good looking and comfortable but they bear your company logo to make sure that wherever your employees go, they are promoting your brand. Company work suits do not only protect your workers while they do their job, they make them look good and more importantly show you off as a responsible employer!

Our work suits are made of the highest quality material and the branding we put is meant to say hey this is a company which has its priorities right and ready to give you the best services and products. Talk to our team about your branded work suits. We deliver with reliability and efficiency.

Our way of work

We are not just receiving every customer and putting their logo on the same design work-suit. We work with you to identify the design and colour combination which resonates with your corporate identity. Only then do we come up with the design that you like. After going through this process you will end up with the type of work-suit which is unique to your company an which does your corporate image justice. Our team is knowledgeable and patient and will work with you for as long as you need to come up with the design that you feel is best for you. If you are thinking of doing work-suits or any other protective wear we are the right team to get in your corner!

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