Business Cards

Business cards design, printing and cutting
Business Cards

We are yet to see a replacement to the all-time marketing guru . . . Business Cards. Be it in electronic or print format, business cards will always be the quiet marketer that every organisation cannot afford to overlook. We design some of the best selling business cards of our generation an as always; in a unique manner that tells your organisation’s vision, products and services. If you thought that business cards were a spent market force, then at Express Media we will definitely prove you wrong.

Make a great first impression with our high-quality and fully-customisable business cards.

A truly outstanding business card can be the only advertisement you need for a brand, be it your employer’s or your own personal brand identity. It makes sense then, that so many companies and executives dedicate time and money to finding the exact right design, the balance of ostentation and presentation which will impress itself most favourably on the memories of business partners and professional contacts.

No matter how clever the design, however, the final product will be limited by the quality of production – unless you have the card produced by the experts at Express Media. We work with a huge variety of stock and cutting edge printing and altering techniques. The results speak for themselves; finely finished and incredibly detailed cards, with the capacity to stay sleek and traditional or go all out with cutaway designs and vibrant use of colour. If you don’t have a design handy, our in-house designers will assist you in creating one.

Delivery service

Getting business cards done should never disturb your business. You are also able to order your business cards from your office anywhere in Zimbabwe and get them delivered by courier by 10am the following day. How is that for convenience and getting the quality you deserve without disturbing business.

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