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Calendars printing services now available at Express Media Harare. Great selection of custom logo business calendars guaranteed to generate referrals and create brand awareness – at the lowest price.

Imprinted promotional merchandise will advertise your brand and logo for a full 12 months. For decades, this time-proven marketing item has played an essential role in helping companies accomplish their promotional goals and generate referrals, one whole year at a time. Start enjoying a full year of promotional exposure with this time-proven marketing tool.

We are proud to offer our rich experience in designing, publishing and printing promotional calendars. Proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising and providing a medium for your business promotion, our extensive range ensures your brand is directly in front of your customers all year round.

High quality calendars for sale in Harare

Whether you are looking for attractive, eye-catching promotional materials or stylish branded desktop advertising, our 2023 range includes stunning titles and formats for every taste and budget. Please browse our range of exciting promotional advertising calendars for 2023.

Our 2023 range features innovative designs coupled with easy-to-use date pads, with stunning imagery complemented by informative captions and additional useful information. We also incorporate a wide range of customisations to give you the unique attributes and features which accentuate your brand.

Our process for producing your calendars is very straight forward to ensure that you get your calendars done to your specifications with a  minimum of fuss. the steps in our process include.

  1. Design
  2. Approval of design and size
  3. Printing of proofs
  4. Approval of proofs
  5. Printing and binding
  6. Collection / delivery

Our types of calendars include:


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