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Flyers printing is our pride and joy. Our design and printing service is set up with you and your needs in mind. If you need flyers for any occasion, we are there for you. To ensure you get exactly what you are looking for we have various options including different paper sizes and different paper types. Our sizes start from A6 size all the way up to A4. If you so require, we can even make the flyers according to your custom size. They can be printed single-sided or back to back depending on your preferences. Flyers are a useful medium that you can distribute on the street or during events to get your message. So if you are looking at marketing or you are looking for information and education materials, our flyers will do the job. Made from the best quality materials and with high-quality print, flyers are a cheap means of achieving your publicity goals.

Turnaround time

We appreciate that you may need your flyers for events which may sometimes come at short notice. We, therefore, endeavour to deliver your order with a short turnaround time of 2-7 days depending on quantities.


Our graphic designers are also able to make stunning designs for you. Do not let a sloppy design ruin your campaign. Let the experts do it for you. We design flyers that speak to your audience and communicate your message accurately. From experience, we have problems when clients come with their designs with wrong dimensions and other issues. It is generally advisable even when you want to do your design to consult with us regarding the design specifications. We will not charge you for that advice. It not only makes sure you get the best results in the end, but it also makes our job easier.


As always, we produce the best quality for you so that you can amke a very good first impression in the market. We want whoever you give to have a lasting good impression of you and your company.

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