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Gift Bags

Are you looking for an alternative packaging solution? We have an extensive range of beautiful gift bags with stunning colours and designs to compliment your product and add that final touch. Without a shade of doubt we can boast of being able to suit your tastes, wherever you are coming from. Our packaging comes in different sizes and different material to give you a wider variety and cater for your specific requirements.


Affordable GIFT BAGS

We sell at affordable prices where you can buy in bulk and save. The more you buy, the more you save. Simple isn’t it. We have literally being a luxury item to being an everyday item. With us, everyone can afford gift bags, from the trader to the individual. Whether you’re an individual shopper or a retail business, you can get wholesale bags suitable for any special occasion. From kraft paper bags with twisted handles to cotton calico bags, you can take one less thing off your to do list by purchasing in bulk. Whether it’s for your retail store, birthdays or special event gifting, Easter or Christmas at Express Media Zimbabwe, we’ve got the complete range. Get in touch with our consultants and fulfil your requirements without much fuss.

wide range GIFT BAGS

We’ve got a range of bags to suit corporate functions, such as our laminated range with rope handles. Gift bags are also a great option for businesses to present media kits at a launch, use for giveaways, provide gifts to employees and clients or use at events. Contact us today if you’d like to add your print to any of our bags, or perhaps make a bag to your exact requirements! Our printed gift bags make a very loud statement of quality for your brand. Imagine the number of times each bag is going to be reused, exposing your brand in all those busy places!


We at Express Media Zimbabwe strive on providing and forecasting the hottest lines, at the lowest prices possible. We are constantly launching new products  to keep up to date with the latest trends throughout the seasons, holidays, and other calendar events. We are aiming to continue expanding our range  to create the best shopping experience for our valued customers. We welcome your contributions and will always be prepared to add the products which satisfy your specific needs to our stock. Talk to us if your type of gift bags differ from what we currently have. We will work towards making it possible.


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