Personalised Mugs/ Mug printing

personalised/branded mugs in Harare, Zimbabwe
Printed mugs

Branded mugs or personalised mugs make great corporate gifts or personal gifts for all occasions. Our mug printing/branding service is offered at a very competitive price of $5 per mug and orders are delivered reliably. We are very particular about quality and will make sure you get the best quality reliably delivered. Our branding is permanent and dishwasher safe since it is embedded into the mug rather than being on the surface. The brand will maintain its lustre throughout the mug’s lifetime.

Mug branding

For companies they are an effective way of spreading your brand in the homes and offices of your current and prospective customers. We brand the mugs with your logo and any message you want to convey to your customers. The mugs can then be given as corporate gifts or even sold to employees who would like to have their company brand in their homes. Churches, sports clubs and associations can also make branded mugs for on selling to their members.

Personalised mugs

Personalised mugs make one of the best gifts for all special events. We brand each mug with a photo and message of choice for that special present to give your loved ones. For small orders you can have you mugs branded while you wait. We do not have a limit to the personalisation of the mug and you can even have more than one photo on your mug.

Grab your mug today

Conventional presents are now part of the past. At Express Media we can make that special occasion even more individual with a personalised gift. To make it happen we currently have on offer of two different mugs that can make the difference that you so much desire. We have in stock plain white mugs and colour changing mugs that can be branded to your specification. Simply give us your message brief and our team of experts will make it even more extraordinary . . . It’s no longer the time to go it alone, get in touch with Express Media.

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