Branded Drink Bottles/Water bottles


We supply branded drink bottles in various sizes and colours. Branded with your logo, they can make good corporate gifts , can be given to members of sports clubs, sports teams and school students. Made of aluminum, our branded drink bottles are suitable to keep cold drinks/water cooler for longer without affecting the taste. Not only can you give this sublime gift to your customers. You will also benefit by giving away to participants at sporting events and other gatherings.


One can take their branded drink bottle to so many places including church, school, meetings, to the mall and in fact just about anywhere thus carrying your brand along. This is indeed one of the corporate gifts you need to be considering for your customers and associates to promote your brand.

Express Media has been supplying and branding drink bottles for years and hence we can advise the one which best suits your message and intent. Our staff are always ready to demonstrate our products and make sure you get the best deal. Pop in today and see the range of our branded water bottles.

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