Branded Stationery

Company letterheads, envelopes and branded stationery

As much as modern society has tried to transition into the digital dimension, some things still just need that physical touch. Whether you need to sign here, make a note there or just want to pretend like you’re doing something, printed business stationery still firmly holds its place in the world of work.

Branded Stationery

Why do you still think that the salesperson is your organisation’s sole brand ambassador? Every product in your organisation must be a standalone trader in a market-focused organisation. Let the give-away stationery present compliment your marketing efforts. Who ever thought that a simple diary, a writing pad, receipt books, letterheads a pen or even a wall calendar, if well designed can initiate a massive deal? It’s not yet too late to get your branded stationery from us. After all you use it every day every month every year. Its time you partner with Express Media.

Fuel your brand presence with our range of branded office desk accessories. Put your company branding on letterheads, envelopes, flyers, note pads, stickers, etc. Visit Express Media in Harare, Zimbabwe and get your personalised stationery needs today. You can also order online and get the stationery delivered to your doorstep.

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