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Embroidery at its best

Embroidery services in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our company does computerised embroidery on all types of garments.You bring your logo design we embroider it on to your item of choice. We do school uniforms embroidery, company uniforms embroidery, church uniforms embroidery and in fact whatever the purpose of your garments or fabrics, our team will embroider them to perfection.

Computerised embroidery

Computerised embroidery is the perfect technique for producing quality personalised clothing and branded uniforms. When you bring your items for embroidery to us you are assured of work which is top quality and free of errors.

Embroidered uniforms

What if you do not even have the uniforms to embroider. Our belief is that when you focus on what you do best and leave the rest to the experts, you will get better results. We tailor uniforms and school or corporate wear to your requirements and brand it according to your specifications. There is no need to run around looking for the items to brand. Express Media provides the full package.

Our computerised embroidery equipment is of the highest quality to ensure that you get the best results. The process is simple, give us the specifications for your uniforms, give us the logo and all you do is to wait for collection time. Could that be any simpler.?

Personalised clothing

Embroidery makes personalised clothing easy. It comes with a stunning finish which makes your clothing literally look out of this world. Embroidered school uniforms or corporate uniforms look more expensive than they actually are. They allow you to have a good expression on whoever encounters someone wearing your embroidered school or company uniform. We also embroider church uniforms, club uniforms etc. Moreso, you may also want to embroider your personal clothing to make that statement you have always wanted to make. With embroidered clothing you make it in style. To make the deal sweeter, our embroidery services are very affordable.


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