Plastic ID Card Holders

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Plastic ID Card Holders

Plastic ID Card Holders

Plastic ID Card Holders are an essential accessory for your PVC ID Cards. You can secure you ID cards whether they are for school, company church etc. With the ID card holder you do not have to ask anyone to produce their ID, It is right there staring at you!  Each of our holders is compatible with every type of badge clip and lanyard we offer.

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Express Media Harare consistently offer name badge holders or card passes, badges and id accessories.  All of our name badge holders are made with an opening and slot to make them compatible with all types of badge clips and lanyards. We stock all types of identification card holders from strong rigid credit card size holders to clear plastic holders for popular sizes like A6 and A7 and cheap packs of vinyl badge wallets. Available to you in vertical and horizontal format and everything is in stock ready for a fast next working day delivery.


We are one of the Zimbawe’s top suppliers of plain, pre-printed, custom woven and custom printed lanyards. We also stock a wide range of accessories and branded products including wristbands, retractable ski/badge reels, ID cards and printed inserts, clips, PVC wallets & ID card holders.

ID Card holders and pouches are generally attached to a lanyard or yo-yo badge reel for easy, safe and clear displaying of your ID. We also stock solutions for displaying cards in a vehicle windscreen – ideal for regulating entry into private car parks. In addition to this, armband holders are available which are suited for use when a lanyard and cardholder could be intrusive on the individual’s job role such as security personnel.

Cardholders are available in a huge range of colours and styles to make them suitable for all kinds of needs and for use in any business or industry. Furthermore, we stock a range of styles such as portrait, landscape, rigid and flexible so you can select the style of cardholder that best meets your needs. For those requiring more specialist ID solutions, food safe and secure lockable card holders are available to prevent food contamination and ID theft respectively. Our cardholders can be single sided, double sided, open faced or closed- and certain models can also hold multiple cards within them.

We are continually refining our range of branded products but focus only on those products that work for your business, helping to bring return on your all-important investment.

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