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Sticker Labels printing in Harare

Sticker labels printing in Harare is oe thing  Express Media is well known for. The best way to let your clients immediately know about your brand is to put up sticker labels on the products you are selling them. This way, they will get to know about your business and stay reminded about it as long as they will use that particular product.

Therefore, you must buy sticker labels for your brand and products if you haven’t got hold of them yet. However, they will only be beneficial for your business promotions if they will be finely printed. To ensure the best sticker labels printing, you must contact us at Express Media. We are in the printing business for a long time and have offered the most premium services to businesses of all types. We print the best sticker labels for your brand that are fully capable of attracting many new customers to you. Our labels printing service is second to none in Harare, Zimbabwe.


We have survived in the market and have maintained a good reputation because we have never compromised on the quality standards. Our ultimate priority is to produce the most premium sticker labels for you. We offer sticker label paper options that are created out of water-resistant and smooth paper. The paper should have a fine texture that makes it easy for you to print on it. Moreover, it should easily stick to your products and should not tear off easily.

Some paper options are water-resistant and stay loyal for a good long time once you stick them to the products. The papers are finely textured and will not tear apart easily. Also, they come along with a semi-gloss coating that radiates a beautiful shine out of it and makes your sticker labels look super attractive. We have specifically kept the base color of the papers white to easily choose the color you want to paint your stickers in.


Our custom vinyl stickers are incredible and the best in Zimbabwe!  If you need custom stickers that last, look no further. Our custom vinyl stickers are made of tough, thick vinyl, and feature a glossy, matte, or glitter finish. This weatherproof and UV-resistant coating protects a full-color high-definition print of your artwork. We can die-cut stickers to any shape you desire, and add kiss cuts that can turn your sticker into a custom sticker sheet. While our custom stickers are affordably priced, they certainly aren’t cheap custom stickers… they’re the best stickers in the world!


Size is the most critical feature of the sticker labels. When you decide the size, you need to keep in mind both the amount of information you will put on them and the size of the product you will wrap those stickers around. You should also adjust the length of your info according to the size of the product. If your product size is small and your information is lengthy, you will have to squeeze the content, and it might not look appealing enough.

You can get custom-made sticker labels. You can choose any custom size and let us know. We will then make sure to print wonderful custom sticker labels for your brand in that exact size.

Color Choices

The sticker labels’ color is also an important aspect that you need to give your consideration to. You must choose wisely because the color will speak for your business tone and the type of your message. Therefore, you should choose a color that resonates with your brand ideologies. For example, you can opt for bright and funky colors if you are a food business. On the other hand, you can use dull and sober colors if you are a company that provides school uniforms.

Sticker labels are a brilliant way of promoting your brand and products. If your product is remarkable in quality, a good sticker label will be a cherry on top. Every time your customer will praise your product, they will remember your brand name with these sticker labels. Therefore, you must opt for Express Media, and our online sticker label printing services will certainly not disappoint you.

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