Branded umbrellas

Giving out promotional umbrellas to staff and clients improves recognition of company brands and creates a professional impression of the company. If the Corporate Gift you are giving out is useful people will be more likely to keep it and reuse it, which makes a promotional umbrella the perfect gift.

Does your client have golf days or other outdoor sporting events? If the answer is yes, then promotional umbrellas is a fantastic way of exposing the brand all over the umbrella. Logo umbrellas add value to any event with the dual purpose of advertising and providing much needed shelter for outdoor events.

Since an umbrella is something most people will need at one time or another it is a great promotional gift that will be used for years to come. Alice Umbrellas have our own branding in-house and we use only top quality printing inks that adhere to the fabrics for long lasting branding.

All our promotional umbrellas are made with high quality durable fabrics which include Nylon, Polyester and Polycotton and we used the best ink in our printing process.

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